This is Romina 👉

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Romina is a system thinker with a growth mindset.

She's skilled at taking an idea from inception to launch, building scalable products that have a real-world impact.

When Romina designs products, she always focuses on:

➤ Content before any pixel is drawn

➤ Human psychology to create easy-to-use products that people enjoy

➤ Validating outcomes through multiple rounds of user testing.

<aside> 🤔 Alright, but w*here does she work? *****


2021 -

Currently she’s a design lead at DTCC Digital Assets

Crafting developers workflows for institutional DeFi platform.

As the 1st designer to join DTCC Digital, she helped to shape the company's design culture, built a team of 3 awesome designers and successfully launched a digital wallet mobile app for the US market.

She also led the design effort for tokenized securities marketplace, now used by 3 large investment and asset management institutions.

2020 - 2021

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