How might we simplify access to digital assets and empower everyone to build wealth?

Our team faced this challenge when we partnered with a major ETF provider and asset manager in the US, looking to expand their traditional offerings to include tokenised securities.

They needed a user-friendly solution that could address current gaps in the financial system, including restricted access to wealth-building assets and slow, costly transactions.

In this case study, I'll take you on a journey through our design process, highlighting key insights from problem discovery to usability testing of the MVP version, with subsequent UX/UI enhancements.

Disclaimer: To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study

What we wanted to achieve?

Build a digital wallet mobile app that allows individuals to effortlessly trade, exchange, and make payments with digital assets.

Launch US market

Asset offerings 70% tokenised assets

What are the current user challenges?

The project began with a discovery workshop where we worked with the client to understand their requirements and identify the needs and motivations of potential users. To achieve that, I run team thought series of interactive exercises, such as: persona analyse, customer journey mapping (CJM), “How Might We’s” and idea prioritisation.


Visualising how users would interact with the product across multiple touchpoints

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